Welcome: Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie!

Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie!

Belly Dance with Rosie

Shimmy Shivvers!! STARTED!!

Sign up now for the new fitness Belly Dance class with Rosie!

Fun and fast and slow and deep, Belly Dance your way to fitness from the core!

Shimmy and smile your way to a fitter firmer you! Laugh as you work it!

Suitable for those who are fit or intending to build fitness and looking for a new challenge.

Wed 7-8 pm Silver Road Community Centre
New term starting soon…
MATURE GROOVE Belly Dance Class with Rosie:

Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie!  Mature Groove Belly Dance classes are fun and gentle with Rosie! Gentle and fun Belly Dance class. Wear comfortable clothes, skirts, leggings, a scarf to tie around your hips, non-slip ballet pumps or similar and a smile as you sway your hips : )

Open Level Belly Dance Class with Rosie

Sign up now for  Open Belly Dance classes with Rosie! All levels welcome. Work to your own ability and pace. Builds confidence and self-esteem as well as fitness. This is a fun class : )

Suitable for dancers of all levels from complete beginner upwards tailored to you

Chair Based Belly Dance

Sign up now for a chair-based Belly Dance class with Rosie!

Tried and tested for the elderly and differently-abled. I recommend this for anyone as it really helps strengthen and improve movement and body balance. It has helped me personally. If you are a serious Belly Dancer, give this a go too as it helps with executing moves in a more controlled and precise manner.

Suitable for all ages, abilities and level of dancer
Children’s classes


Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie! Learn technique and choreography as well as a grounding in history, culture, and the music of Belly Dance. A glimpse into a culturally interesting and diverse dance genre.

Suitable for 13 years upwards

Younger children

Sign up now for  Belly Dance classes with Rosie! Fun, a different and gentle dance form that works with natural movement and encompasses dance styles from Egypt, the Middle East and around the Med.

Suitable for under 13 years
Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie! East Anglian based Bellydance performer, teacher, workshop provider, speaker, writer, host to pro stars and souk owner.

Belly Dance with Rosie: Classes for all…

Enquiries: rosemary@rosiebellydance.com Phone: 07949850322

* Belly Dance with Rosie: If you are interested in classes, please leave an email,  text or message on facebook at rosie bellydance (if I don’t reply immediately then I will get back to you as soon as possible).

Mature Groove Belly Dance with Rosie

Plus OPEN level classes

Belly Dance with Rosie at Silver Road Community Centre, Norwich


Fun & Fitness In A Friendly And Supportive Environment

Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie! My classes encompass basic moves, combinations and choreography.  They place a strong emphasis on good overall posture and an understanding of technique for sound execution of moves and of course fun!!

Adult Education courses and workshops coming soon.

Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie! 

email rosemary@rosiebellydance.com or ring to let me know if you would like to join us and if you have any questions.

Sign up now for Belly Dance classes with Rosie!

A fun class focusing on core strength, basic moves, drills, choreography and feel-good dance. Includes history and culture and an understanding of rhythms used in Belly Dance as well as good posture and of course… FUN!!

Monthly *paused due to covid, to be resumed in the future:

Harford Hill Day Centre

Vauxhall Hub Day Centre (Seniors)

Vauxhall Hub Day Centre (Charmers)

CST at Harford

Hamlet Centre (various age groups)

Day centres, care homes, charities, schools (all ages).

BELLY DANCE SESSIONS, WORKSHOPS AND TALKS email: rosemary@rosiebellydance.com