About Rosie

Norwich and nationwide Belly Dance Teacher, Performer, Souk owner and Entrepreneur.

Hi everyone,

I teach, perform and hold workshops and retreats. I also host Haflas and Top Professional Teachers to perform and deliver workshops.

I love dance and music. I have done Irish, Scottish, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, World Folk and of course Bellydance!

I have been Belly dancing for over 20 years, starting in a very small way on my own and eventually finding classes and training. I attend workshops, JWAAD and other relevant courses and am constantly updating my CPT record. (JWAAD Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Level 3, JWAAD History and Culture Level 3, JWAAD Music Level 3, Making the most of your Support worker, Managing Challenging Behaviour, Marketing Your business, Deaf Awareness, Prevent, Safeguarding

I perform, teach, travel, write and speak on Belly Dance: History, Culture, Music, Confidence and Well-Being and many more topics related to Middle Eastern and Arabic dance.

I teach and perform a number of classes a week with different ages and abilities. I also have monthly commitments and ad hoc contracts.

I am the Chair of MADN. Mosaic Arabic Dance Network  *Become a member for just £25 a year and receive 3  magazines a year. Mosaic Insurance for Belly Dancers is £40 for the year, May to April inclusive.  Mosaic is the MADN magazine which is filled with informative articles, stories, and much more. It is rich and colourful. MADN have a fantastic insurance scheme for members and are also on Facebook. The content is by members for members and guest writers too. Mosaic is an organisation to support and promote all things related to Arabic/Egyptian dance.

Some of my C.V.

Scottish, Irish and World Folk in Ireland
Tap, Jazz, Modern and Drill Team Head Manager in Texas, USA
Belly Dance recreational enjoyment for some years.
I have attended numerous workshops with top teachers
Belly Dance training with Galit Mersand and JWAAD

I hold Level 3 certificates in Accredited Courses on:
Safe Delivery of Belly Dance;
History and Culture of Belly Dance;
Music of Belly Dance

Teaching C.V.
Belvedere Centre, Norwich
Jessop Road Community Centre, Norwich
Hellesdon High School, Norwich                                                                                                              The Norwich School Parents and teachers                                                                                            Eaton Primary & First School, 3 years of sports days, Norwich                                                  Broadland View Care home                                                                                                                          Ivy Court Care Home                                                                                                                                        Age Uk, Marion Road Day Centre (Norfolk), Norwich
The Hamlet Centre, young adult & children centres, Norwich,
NANSA, Adults Centre, Norwich
Independance Matters: Harford Hill Seniors; Vauxhall Hub Seniors; Vauxhall Hub Charmers Group
Open Studios, Bank Plane, Mature Groove Belly Dance
Silver Rooms, Silver Road, Norwich: Mature Groove Belly Dance; a one to one with a special needs student; seated Belly Dance and Open Level class
Bignold School, Norwich (Open level Belly Dance)
Plus ad hoc and monthly contracts to teach and talk on the subject

Sponsor and children’s dance choreographer for the Jenny Lind Community Project

Hosted Top names:
Galit Mersand;
Hilde Canoodt;
Jen Jen;
Anam Cara;

Zara Abdelrhaman

I teach, write and speak regularly on Belly Dance related subjects
I teach workshops and all sorts of classes
I perform in public and at Haflas
I am participating in the Jenny Lind Project in my local Community

Mon 11.45- 12.45: Silver Road Community Centre, Mature Groove class all welcome
Wed 7-8 pm Open Level class, all welcome

I love people, music and dance.

Shimmy and smile : )