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Top Names Hosted By Rosie Belly Dance:

Katie Holland (postponed); Ozgen and Maelle; Galit Mersand (Twice!!); Gwen Boothe; Hilde Canoodt; Jen Jen; Anam Cara

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*We had to cancel due to Katies Health, but hope to run this in the future. Awakened Belly Dance Immersion with Katie Holland hosted by RosieBellydance. 10% off for MADN, Red Tent Lady and Red Tent.

Immerse yourself in three days of dance and healing with Katie Holland. Vegan lunch included. Optional extra relaxing therapies with Michelle Firmin.

‘Awakening the Womb in the Dreamtime’

An Invitation for a Transformational Journey into Your Bellydance Power….

Awakened Bellydance™ is multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which travels far beyond the realms of the usual Bellydancer. An immersion for all women who have an interest in movement for healing. 

An intuitive remembrance and reclaiming of your sovereign dancer transports you into intuitive flow and surrender through a heightened awareness of the body, mind and emotions as energy when you move with intention.
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Easy transport links from London and Cambridge. Non residental, however for a list of local accommodation and where possible the answers to any questions email or phone 07949850322

Galit came back Dec 16th/17th 2017.

Galit photo 2017Galit 
Galit Mersand Norwich Workshops and Hafla
  Open level technique 2 hours 12-2pm
Open level 2 hours footwork and balance technique 3-5pm
Improvers/ Intermediate arms workshop 1 hour 5.30-6.30pm
Fun Christmas party Hafla Early- start family friendly get together. 
The First two workshops will be suitable for all levels and Galit will help beginners and advanced dancers as appropriate. The Arm workshop is suitable for improvers/intermediate or those with at least one year continuous class practice. Full description of these workshops tailor made to our requests:12:00-14:00 pm
General level Technique 1: Posture and mechanics of movement
This workshop will focus on correcting posture, how to know when your posture is right both by looking and feeling. We will explore the mechanics of isolation and learn how the body performs certain movements with focus on hips and torso. We’ll be doing drills and see how the above applies to belly dance of any style.15:00-17:00 pm 

General level Technique 2: Footwork, balance and travelling 

In this workshop we will focus on feet and legs not forgetting our torso and posture!
We will do some drills to strengthen the feet and learn how the body subtly adjusts itself to balance so that we can balance more consciously. We will learn to take controlled steps and will explore various hip moves while travelling.
(ideally you would have done Tech. 1 workshop, but you can also do this one by itself as well)17:30-18:30
Improver/Int. level Arms Workshop 
This workshop will focus on how to achieve beautiful effortless Arms both for framing and framing and movement. It is very much advised to do Tech. 1 workshop as well to get even more out of this workshop. (Please book this workshop now as it is a bonus)Feel free to come and hang out from 17:30 The performances start at 19:30 Hafla suitable for all the family. Bring a dish to share. If you love to dance you can book a performance slot whatever your style. Dance with Live drummers and lots of free dancing too : )paypal paypal to or pm me for baacs. £28 each of the two hour workshops or £50 for both £60 all 3. The one hour arms on its own is £15. Hafla £8 performers £10 audience or tickets on the door. Concessions on request.Please book workshops asap to ensure your place!!Just heard Zaras Zouk are coming!! A chance for some Christmas shopping!!!!!  

Ozgen and Mayelle Norwich

ozgen and mayel

Workshops Oct 21

Ozgen: Wow Drum solo : If you like drum solo and you want to wow your audience with powerful dance

this is an amazing
workshop to learn some hip moves and jazz it up with Ozgens impressive hand and arm movement
total show off style 

‘Orientalicious’ with Mayel
Come and learn an elegant, dramatic and funky Oriental Majency piece

of choreography suitable for group and solo performances. A Majency is an introduction piece with different sections, styles and rhythms. Technique of each style will be taught and explained in class.(Please bring a veil)
The workshop will cover:
*Guided Improvisation- Learn techniques to enjoy and make to most of it!
* Performance skills… How to communicate with your audience, how to tell a story through movements.
* Understanding the styles. Learn about the culture and how to interpret the music within different styles and rhythms of Middle Eastern Dance.
* Learn an original piece of choreography by Mayelle- Oriental style suitable for solo or group performances

Class level: General (but not suitable for complete beginners)

Ozgen Workshops
Dancing to Sezen Aksu song( Turkish pop song )

known as Salla or Rakkas : Ozgen welcoming you to pop side of the Turkish music by legend Sezen Aksu song called Salla .
Amazing song to learn as it has got such nice sections as drum solo and folk rhythm in the song . Fast and fun dance 
( no beginners and open lever )

Hafla with a show dance from each of our guest stars!!

City Academy is next door to UEA where there are shops and cafés. If you need accommodation let me know asap.

Workshops £28 each £55 for two £70 all three

Hafla £8 performers £10 audience

Call Rosemary 07949850322

T&C: The organizer cannot give refunds unless they cancel.

Hosted Gwen Boothe: Step Back in time workshops and Hafla click to read about the event  Gwen Boothe   
Visions of the Golden Age  and Dance with the Musical Marvels (Sword workshop)

Hosted Anam Cara Fast Moves ATS Workshop June 24th Click link for more info. 


Hosted Hilde Canoodt who taught a couple of workshops April 29th Choreologer and Fusion specialist. Then Anam Cara Hosted her in the evening for Eastern Beats.

hilde_79_web-1Tribal Fusion Combinations  

In this workshop you will learn a number of isolation combos followed by a number of travelling steps across the floor. This is Hilde’s signature tribal fusion style: slow lyrical undulations as well as with fast and percussive hip work. We will be working on musicality as well as speed and transitions.

level: all (however, some basic tribal fusion technique is recommended)

duration: 2 hours

Back to the Old School 

*Suitable for Oriental and Tribal

Big juicy hip work, sassy combinations, fancy footwork,…

This workshop combines all of Hilde’s favourite old school belly dance moves. Inspired by her first ever belly dance teacher, Sarah Chebaro, as well as Jamila Salimpour and Katarina Burda movement vocabulary, this workshop is bound to make you feel inspired and filled with joy! The playlist will consist of Hilde’s favourite tunes she has collected over the years… Let’s dance our hearts out and reconnect to why we fell in love with this dance in the first place. 

level: all (some basic belly dance technique is recommended)

duration: 2 hours

She will be at Eastern Beats hosted by Anam Cara in the evening….watch this space !! 

Jan 28th 2017

Hosted Jen Jen who showed us the different fan veils and we tried them out. She inducted us in how to handle the fan veils and by the end we moved to a simple choreography. Well done Jen Jen, we loved it : ))15776321_10154809606349449_73760815_o
It was followed by a Charity Hafla for Break Jan 28th at Silver Road Community Centre
Jen Jen gave generously of her time for performing for Break Charity . …and it was Chinese New Year! A special thank you to Jen Jen and troupe for coming on this celebration day!! 
 dvd and action photos available from Alan Long


September 2016

Rosie Belly Dance hosted Galit Mersand for two workshops and a performance at the Hafla Sept 17th 2016 at CITY ACADEMY ATRIUM.
Percussive moves, Isolations and Shimmies
and Oriental step combinations (big moves and fancy footwork) Galit teaches body awareness in all her workshops, her natural humour and light hearted manner linked with her deep understanding of movement make her classes truly inspiring.

Workshop 1 was: Percussive moves and Shimmies
New workshop!! Suitable for any style of dancer. Whether your passion is traditional Bellydance or ATS, this workshop is guaranteed to strengthen your isolation and movement techniques. Focusing on percussive moves and shimmies.
Improver/Intermediate/Advanced Levels
“FEEDBACK” We loved this workshop!!

 Workshop 2: Oriental Step Combinations
This popular workshop has it all –  Big moves, travelling steps, entrances and turns as well as footwork and a touches of Modern Egyptian. A great one for musicality and performance skills too.
Improver/Intermediate/Advanced Levels”FEEDBACK” This was a challenging and interesting workshop suited for higher level dancers.

The City Academy has plenty of parking, showers and lockers and is next door to UEA and SportsPark which look out onto Earlham Park and goes down to the river. Lovely if you fancy a walk. You might even spot a kingfisher or an otter if you are lucky! There are cafes and a restaurant. If you come early there is an Olympic pool, a climbing wall and a gym among other things. It is also near Eaton Park with its extensive grounds, Model Railway and boating pond. The SportsPark also has plenty of parking if you decide to go for a pre-workshop swim and there is a budget BnB on campus. There is a 25 and a 26 First Bus from the railway station directly to UEA. Please check times before travelling.

Galit will perform at the Hafla : )) There will be two jewel droppingly gorgeous souks brimming with Oriental and Tribal delights brought to us by Janai and Derek (Hip Drop) and Zara’s mother Sandra (Zara). Alan Long will film and Alice will take photographs. Tessa is bringing her lovely lanterns and will be drumming live with Bear, Claire and Claire. Lizz is our wonderful compére.  All dancing styles welcome 5 minutes please. Let me know if you and/or your group would like to perform asap.  Also if you have a skill such as Henna art and want to bring your trade let me know. Music to Alan   Blurb about yourself/group and what you are dancing to me please

call: Rosemary 07949 850322                   email:


Photographs are now available from Alan Long’s Web Site


‘Dancing For’ Event for FoodCycle - where communities unite to make sure no good food is wasted

 Hosted by: Rosie, Bellydance Teacher, Mira, FoodCycle Hub leader and Eleanor, Bellydance Teacher 

An evening of music, dance and food from as many cultures as we can muster. Catered for by FoodCycle whom we are delighted to continue to support. There will be performances and free style dancing.

*Notes:  If you are a musician/band or dancer/group and would like to perform please contact us.

*Contact FoodCycle if you have an event and need catering. This is a new venture for the charity and well worth supporting

Previous events: FoodCycle

Thanks to:

  • FoodCycle volunteers, performers, musicians,  local businesses, Tessa for her lanterns.
  • To my co hosts and their partners.
  • Everyone you helped make the whole evening such a delight!


Workshops  2016 – Well done everyone!!!