Norwich based Bellydance (dance from around the Mediterranian basin including Egyptian, Arabic, Al Andaluse and Middle Eastern Dance).

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I am delighted to have been invited back for the third year running to Eaton Primary and also First School to teach as part of their Sports Day provision. We enjoyed some fun exercises, learned basic moves and danced using them. Some classes learned to use props, others sha’abi basics and others to create their own dances. We did Key stage one and two appropriate exercises and activities.

I love my thank you cards everyone!! Well done : ))

Eaton primary thankyou(1)


A fun workshop including dance and role play for an activity day at Hellesdon High. Well done everyone for having a go despite being so tired from previous activities.


One of a number of workshops at Hellesdon High School: Belly Dance as a complementary health therapy talk and activity. Photo with kind permission of Hellesdon High School, from their Twitter article.